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e have developed a special educational and parenting program which allows our students (from very early ages – 1.5-year-old – up to pre-schoolers) to easily acquire songs, chants, words and phrases in a foreign language and it aims to encourage them to use these later on in different situations and dialogues.

Our special educational programme is based on music, which plays a significant role in the development of several skills (motor coordination, language learning skills, listening skills…), moreover, it will be beneficial for them in future when they learn subjects at school

In addition, of course we attach great importance to the education and rearing of children as well as to the development of various skills (communication, social, reasoning, problem solving, coordination and fine motor skills).

Our unique teaching method and syllabus were created by the combination of our pedagogical experience and our career as music performers, gained over the last 10 years with the world-famous and renowned American educational programme called Step by Step.

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