Educational Program


We have designed an education programme incorporating both our own unique educational methods as well as established, traditional methods. This allows our pupils, from the age of 20 months up to the preschool age of 6-7 years, to easily learn the English language using songs, rhymes and immersion. They will learn new words and phrases which will then transform into fluency in the English language which they will be able to use throughout their lives.

At the heart of our education programme is music, which plays an extremely important role in the development of children’s skills including movement co-ordination, language learning as well as making it easier to learn many other subjects such as mathematics and literacy.

Of course, we also place great emphasis on educating children and allowing them to develop their various other key skills including communication, socialisation, problem-solving skills, critical-thinking skills and fine motor skills.

Our unique teaching methods and curriculum is the result of combining our experience and knowledge of more than a decade in pedagogy and music with world-renowned British and American educational programmes.

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